The territory of Castelpoto unites various aspects of historical-cultural interests and ancient, genuine gastronomic traditions, in a suggestive landscape and naturalistic frame. The name of the town is of clear Lombard origin and dates back to the Lombard, Duke Poto, grandson of Prince Radelchi of Benevento. It was founded, in all likeliness, around the year 850 A.D., even if commemorative plaques and other artefacts dating back to 109 A.D. have been found in the area. It was built on a spur that dominates the valley of the middle Calore River. It was a fortress established to guard the city of Benevento, along an artery of the Via Latina. At the start of the 11th century, Castelpoto passes under the control of the Normans and then the Swabians, like the rest of southern Italy. According to some researchers, the primitive burial location of Manfredi di Svevia is likely found near the ruins of the Roman bridge, Ponte delle Maurelle. During the Anjou domination, the duchy passes to the hands of the Della Leonessa family. In 1520 to the Caracciolo family, then to the Ricca family, and finally to the Bartoli family, who still holds its title.

Belvedere Castelpoto

An earthquake destroyed Castelpoto in 1456. Today you can find traces of the medieval structure only at the base of a round tower and in the area that dominates the river. The earthquake of 1688 changes the appearance of the town and the old town center is slowly abandoned and rebuilt, no longer beneath the castle—transformed into a noble palace—but along the present-day road, Via Roma. The Church of San Nicola di Maria, with three naves, consecrated by Cardinal Vincenzo Maria Orsini in 1698, houses a baptistery that rests on a Roman column and several exquisite marble altars, as well as some wooden statues of remarkable historical and artistic value. In the course of the centuries, Castelpoto always maintained local autonomy, and was part of the province of Avellino until 1861, when it joined the newly establish province of Benevento.

Borgo Medievale Castelpoto